Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Weekends are for losers

Me: "Is it Thursday today? No, we've had a seminar this morning, so it must be Tuesday."

Committee member: "Is everything okay with you?"

Me: "Yeah. I just get confused easily. One day blends into another."

CM: "Maybe you're working too hard on your thesis."

Me: "Or not hard enough. When you're a PhD student, every day's a weekend, baby."

CM: "That doesn't mean you're slack: it depends on what you do in the weekend."

Me: "I'm generally here in the office, so yeah."


Anonymous said...

For the sake of my sanity, in about the last year of the thesis I used to do 6 days working, one day off. I could handle the missing out on fun stuff on Sat afternoons and working in the evenings if I knew I could go swimming and blob on Sundays. Broke that rule in the last few weeks before submission, but by then I knew the deadline I was working to and knew the lights ahead were actually the end of the tunnel...


StyleyGeek said...

Yeah, when I say I am generally here in the weekends, I mean 'at some point during the weekend'. I mostly come in on Sundays and take Saturdays off.