Sunday, November 05, 2006

Tacky pick-up line of the week

"Taking pictures of a parrot, eh?"

"Yup. Isn't it a beautiful bird?"

"Uh-huh. But so are you."

Polly says, "Fuck off."


Miss M. said...

Is that a King parrot or another rosella?

We never get lorakeets here do we?

As for the pick up line, someone actually said that? Urgh! I bet he was an engineer. (no offence to engineers)

New Kid on the Hallway said...

Oh, man, that's a bad line! (Great picture of the bird.)

StyleyGeek said...

It's another rosella. And it's weird that we never get lorikeets. Even just 50 km out of town there's plenty of them. Maybe the rosellas scare them away :)

I don't think he was an engineer. I think he was an alcoholic (what? That's pretty much a job description).

Anastasia said...

that's a horrible line! i totally love it!

Miss M. said...

Not a bad thought about the lorakeet/rosella thing. Thinking back, we've got lorakeet's at home, but hardly ever see rosella's even though we know they're supposed to live there too.

Then again, the lorakeet's always make so much noise you'd assume that no one but the cockatoo's could stand their presence.

Fatman said...

I said something that was akin to the crappy come-on line today.

Guest (Checking in): Boy, am I tired.
Me: Where did you just come from?
Guest: Finland. I'm studying abroad this year.
Me: What's her name?