Thursday, February 02, 2006

The best-laid schemes of StyleyGeeks gang aft agley

I had another workshop to attend from 9--12 this morning, this time at a university out of cycling range, and I put a lot of forethought into transport related issues .

Yesterday I left my bicycle at university, cadged a lift to yesterday afternoon's workshop off a friend, got her to drop me home instead of back at uni, and this morning I drove to the second workshop and home again afterwards.

I'm wearing a long skirt today, which I don't often do because it's a problem when cycling. But I'm going climbing at the gym before I go home from uni today, which means I'll change into shorts anyway, and since I left my bicycle there, I'll only be cycling on the way home, so it works out wonderfully.

Confused yet? I must have been, since in the midst of congratulating myself on such a nicely worked-out plan, it never once crossed my mind that this plan would leave me doing the 40 minute walk from home to university AT MIDDAY IN 35 DEGREE TEMPERATURES (95 F for those of the imperial persuasion). I can't drive because I don't have a campus parking permit (can't justify the expense when I live so near).

Fuckit. (Yes, that is the sum total of my well-considered analysis of the situation. Thank you.)

UPDATE: I did, in fact, nearly die on that long walk of doom. Or felt like I did, anyhow. There was almost no shade, because (1) it was midday-ish, and (2) the trees in Australia don't really bother with the whole leaf-thing much, since they never get enough water to make it worth the upkeep. My water bottle was full of iced water when I left the house, and the little that was left when I reached uni was hot to the touch. Oh, and don't wear sandals with soles that are black on the inside in Australia. You know when the asphalt is so hot it burns when you walk on it? Imagine that sort of feeling, but from something that is ATTACHED to your feet.

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