Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I think I have a stalker

I had the weirdest experience on the way home today.

I was cycling along, head down, when another cyclist came up behind me and called, "Hey StyleyGeek, remember me?"

Well, I didn't. But, you know, I smiled nervously and did the "So what have you been up to lately" set of questions -- the ones that work no matter who the other person turns out to be.

It wasn't until she started speaking German that I was able, tentatively, to place her. And the more risks I took with my questions, the more my suspicions were confirmed.

This was someone I met when we were both 16 years old (nearly 10 years ago), and on a scholarship-sponsored trip to Germany. She was one of the three Australian scholarship winners and I was one of the two New Zealanders. So we hung out a bit over there, but it was only a six week trip, ten years ago. We haven't been in contact since.

And today she saw me from behind, wearing a cycle helmet, in the wrong context (read wrong country -- I never gave her reason at the time to think I might ever come to Australia), and yet she recognised me.

So, given I'm fairly interchangeable in terms of colouring and shape (tall, slim, blond) and people are always mistaking me for someone else, only one conclusion remains: This chick has been stalking me. Don'tcha think?