Saturday, February 11, 2006

I heart hyperwords

This extension for Firefox (seen on Julie's blog) is just incredible. I think I'm in love.

Highlighting a word on any web page puts you one click away from searching for it, tagging it, emailing it, blogging it, translating it, buying it, or looking it up in a dictionary, map or on Wikipedia.

The only problem I have with it is that, once you've installed the extension, I don't think there's any way you can highlight a word without getting Hyperwords to activate the menu. And if you highlight a word or phrase from right to left, the menu appears directly over the word, making it difficult to see what you are doing if you have highlighted it in order to replace or retype it, rather than because you want to use Hyperwords.

Update: actually there is. I take it back. At the bottom of the menu is an item called "hyperwords" which, when highlighted, gives you "preferences", under which you can select whether the menu turns up every time you highlight a word or only if you press an extra key as well. I should have looked more thoroughly (but I did read the user manual, and there was nothing about this there!)

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Frode Hegland said...

Thanks for writing about Hyperwords, it's much appreciated! And also, thanks for pointing out that the user guide was deficient. Fixed. :-)

StyleyGeek said...

Way to go! I wish all software developers had that approach to fixing problems! (I didn't even write to them about it).

Frode Hegland said...

See how much we love you?!

Frode Hegland said...

Hyperwords 1.5 is out!

This is a substantial upgrade, featuring numerous small fixes and additions and a Toolbar.

Now this is very cool (related to your comment on highlighting): Try Hyperwords with the Toolbar only. Go to Preferences (at the bottom of the menu) and click on the 'Apperance' tab. Then choose the 'Toolbar' mode.

You can now select text on a page, hit 'return' and it will hoist the selected text up to the Toolbar. You may now choose a command with your mouse or use the keyboard shortcuts to rapidly issue commands.

Take a look at the the new User Guide (also at the bottom of the menu) to learn what else is new and a few tips and tricks if you want to.

Install Hyperwords for Firefox at