Thursday, February 02, 2006

How much heat can a koala bear?

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shrinkykitten said...

I was really hoping you could send me one! I'm pretty sure it'd get along with my cat. Imagine my dismay that you didn't take these!

StyleyGeek said...

:) Sadly my city has almost no koalas left. The small population it used to have was killed in the 2003 bushfires. Only one survived, and as you can imagine, "Lucky" has a multitude of SPCA-funded servants to cater to his every whim, but is not allowed out into the big wide world in case something might happen to kill him off too.

Before you start feeling too sorry for them, though, cute as they might seem, koalas are really very nasty creatures at heart. They bite and scratch and have tantrums for no known reason. They also have a stench that is presumably designed to be attractive to other koalas, but my god, it doesn't work on those of us of the human persuasion.

I'm surprised those kids in the photo are smiling, rather than running to the other end of the garden.

shrinkykitten said...

Apparently you have not been made aware of the rule of animals on blogs: You must make a solemn vow to never shatter one's illusions that X or Y animal would make a lovely lovely pet. To wit: I want a polar bear. You are not allowed to tell me that said polar would likely eat my cat, and then me. No, you must squeal and exhort how adorable they are.

Now you know! :)