Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Cos he's so approachable

Me: "I think the biggest difference between teaching two and three tutorials a week is the amount of marking* I'll have to do."

ScaryLecturer: "Actually, I think you'll find it will be the number of students who will come to see you in your office hours."

Me: "I shouldn't think so. Last year I hardly had any students wanting to see me, except right before exams. They mostly went straight to [last year's lecturer] for problems that weren't directly related to the tutorial."

ScaryLecturer: "That's odd. Usually my tutors find they are overwhelmed with students wanting to talk to them. Hardly any students come to me with their questions."

* I almost wrote "grading" there, which shows I spend far too much time reading American blogs.

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shrinkykitten said...

Mwahahhahaha - our brutal use of the english language is contagious! Run quickly before you start saying, "Oh no she di'int!"

The only times I have been overrun with students is when the prof SUCKS (oh no, now you might start saying "sucks") or is wholly inaccessible. So, methinks that says something about said lecturer.

StyleyGeek said...

Oh yes. I had a student come to me today to complain he can't access the online syllabus. I told him if he was sure he was going about it correctly and it still wasn't working, he should probably let ScaryLecturer know, in case it was a more widespread problem.

He looked at me with wide eyes and went, "ScaryLecturer? No no, I couldn't possibly!" and flapped his arms like a terrified chicken.