Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tomorrow isn't going to be like that, right?

Last night I had my first teaching anxiety dream for this semester.

I'd forgotten it was a teaching day, not noticed what time it was until ten minutes after I was meant to be teaching, not been able to find the classroom (the university had mysteriously morphed into an underground labyrinth) and turned up completely unprepared, having not even brought any whiteboard markers with me, let alone the first assignment I was planning to go through with them. Oh, and the HOD was sitting in the classroom to observe my teaching.


Does anyone else get these?

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USJogger said...

"Does anyone else get these?"

Oh, yeah. It's a semiannual tradition with me. I fooled myself this semester. I didn't have one before classes started, I thought, "I'm finally over it." Then I had one on the night of the first day of classes, about coming unprepared to my class that started on the second day.


StyleyGeek said...

Yes, last year I had them every night for about a week before the first class, so at least this time it wasn't until two nights before. Maybe one day I'll get to your stage too!

senioritis said...

My partner is the only teacher I know who doesn't get these. In my version of your dream, I'm not 10 minutes late; I'm 2 weeks late. Yet some of the students are nevertheless showing up for class, waiting for me to come. However, none of them will listen to me when I do arrive.
In yet another version, I discover that I'm supposed to be teaching math or French, and I try to fake it. (I'm a rhetoric teacher.)