Friday, February 03, 2006

The Tutor and the Beast. Part whatever-we've-got-up-to-now.

An update on the case of the book-napped textbook.

A fellow PhD student who works down the corridor from me came by today to tell me that she was SO EXCITED because she was going to sit in on the Intro courses that I was tutoring, and that meant she would be IN MY TUTORIALS! (She spoke all of this with capital letters, as she does most of the time, so don't blame me).

Point (1): If she really needs to revisit introductory linguistics courses, don't you think she might be better off doing her PhD in another discipline? Like one that she's actually studied?

Point (2): I am so not going to cope with having this woman in my course. Five minutes of her company exhausts me at the best of times, and also I think I am going to feel shy about manifesting my classroom persona in front of her.

Point (3): She came to talk to me about the textbook we are using. She has a second-hand copy (last year's edition) so wanted me to show her what the differences were between that and the edition we are using. So I opened it to the chapter with the biggest differences, to find... my penciled-in notes, in my handwriting. Further questioning found that ScaryLecturer had given her the textbook. She has my textbook.

Point (4): She has my textbook.

Point (5): She has my textbook.

Point (6): Grumble.

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1 Comment:

shrinkykitten said...

As some in the states say, "Oh no she di'int!"

That really sucks on all accounts. That's your book!

We have many grad students who didn't study psych and then go on to grad school in it (including moi!). Sometimes it turns out well, but sometimes it is annoying and frustrating (uh, Freud who?).

I hate exhausting people.