Sunday, February 26, 2006

Warning: too much early morning can be hazardous to your analogies

It just struck me how much blogging is like some religions' version of praying: you ramble on about random thoughts and feelings, ask for guidance, mention a few other people you like and hope that they will get blessed (read: get traffic), and then sit back and wait for signs that you have been heard (comments, links, etc).

(So does that mean the internet is God?)

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Avid Reader said...

No, not God actually, but I find it can save hundreds of dollars in psychiatrist visits.

Lucy said...

the internet's a lot more responsive than God :) I like the analogy, though.

Clair said...

That's an idea that I can respond to! I've always maintained that god is something we create, not someone who just is.

StyleyGeek said...

That's how I like to think of god, too, clair, although not usually in such concrete terms as the internet.

Mostly, I say, if people want to bundle up everything that's good about human nature or in the world in general and personify it as a Being, then I have no problem with that.

It's the people who go adding lots of negative attributes (intolerance, ignorance, etc) to this personification that I, showing my own deeply tolerant colours, would like to give a bloody good kicking -- *ahem* I mean "talking to".

USJogger said...

Best damn analogy I've seen in weeks.