Monday, February 06, 2006

Does anyone know a cure?

The disease known as "library swoon" is a scarcely documented syndrome commonly suffered by academics.

Symptoms: a sudden sweeping euphoria upon entering libraries followed by a floaty, detached feeling of "Books books BOOKS so many lots of them and all for me, yes for me!"*

My case of library swoon has been getting progressively worse. It's now at the point where even just looking at my reference list can induce an episode. This wouldn't matter so much (after all, the highs I've had from library swooning are better than those from any drug I've ever tried), except that it is more conducive to staring into space with a glazed, manic grin than it is to actually getting the necessary reading done.

*This illness has also been known to take a severe toll on grammatical ability and general coherence.

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