Tuesday, April 04, 2006

God loves you and wants you to have a hotdog

The Christian groups are all gathered in the central campus courtyard running a(nother) free barbeque.

But this time I didn't take one of Jesus's sausages, because I've probably pissed Jesus off enough lately already and I really don't need food poisoning right now.

(Come on, people, what do I have to write to get flamed around here?)


shrinkykitten said...

ooh, how dare you say sacreligious things about jesus' snausages...oops, I mean sausages.

frankly (ha ha) just mentioning hot dogs offends me hartily and I just may walk off in a huff and never come back.

so there.

StyleyGeek said...

Yay! Thanks, Shrinky. I've always wanted to be provocative and get flamed. But you'll be my friend again when I promise they were vegetarian hotdogs, right?

(Actually, maybe it's this conciliatory attitude that's thwarting my ambition)

trillwing said...

I've never been offered a Christian hotdog, but I have had some creepy run-ins with evangelical students on a few campuses. When I was a student at a community college, I was approached by someone I had never met who invited me to attend their group--and who addressed me by name. On some college campuses that wouldn't be strange, but this cc had TWENTY-FOUR THOUSAND students. I briefly considered that the student was, indeed, a recruiter from God.

To this day, it still cracks me up that when I Google my sister's name, the top hit is a piece about college students in cults. (She was asked to comment about Christian groups' recruitment tactics.)