Monday, April 17, 2006

Happy small furry animal day!

Yeah. Turns out it was Easter yesterday. I did the chocolate-gorging thing all weekend, so when the actual day turned up I kind of missed it.

But in honour of yesterday, I thought I'd share my favourite Easter anecdote.

On Easter Sunday a few years ago, when I was still living in Germany, I went for a long morning walk in our city's botanical gardens, admiring the daffodils, tulips and miscellaneous symbols of spring, and even feeling vaguely spiritual (or maybe that was a leftover glow from excessive chocolate consumption).

Coming out of a dense clump of trees, I found myself in a clearing where some local church was holding an outdoor service. There were about fifty people in a sort of clump, with a robed-up priest at one end. While I watched, they bowed their heads and the priest started reciting the Lord's Prayer.

About three lines in, there was a slight rustle-rustle in a tree above them, and a squirrel leapt from it onto the next tree in line, using the priest's bowed head as a springboard.

The priest said words that I bet have never been inserted into the Lord's Prayer before or since.

I had to melt back into the bushes at that point, since I was laughing so hard that the people who hadn't seen the squirrel were glaring at me like I was to blame for the disruption. But I doubt if that church ever tried to hold their Easter service outside again.

(And in case anyone missed it, Misty posted a similarly bizarre tale of squirrel a couple of days ago.)

Happy Easter, all, and remember:

(This message is brought to you by the Anti-Rabbit Research Fund of Australia. No, seriously.)