Thursday, April 20, 2006

Who needs legs, anyway?

Geekman is collecting damaged joints. Now he has two knees and an ankle.

The ankle happened last night when he slipped while walking down the stairs. Within minutes it had a swelling the size of a tennis ball and pink and purple bruising. He can't put any weight on it at all.

He has moved straight into his usual sick-or-injured modus operandi, which is

(1) refusing to go to the doctor, since, after all, "They wouldn't tell me anything I can't find out on the internet anyway." (I never thought I'd say this, but curse you, Google!)

And (2) refusing to take painkillers because "As long as I know how much it hurts I won't do anything stupid to make it worse."

Eventually, after struggling manfully not to cry for two hours, he gave in and took some nurofen. Once it started working, he did indeed do plenty of stupid things to make it worse. Like stop with the whole ice, compression, and elevation thing and spend the rest of the evening limping back and forth between computer and the fridge.

So I'm starting to believe that he knows what he is doing with his usual self-imposed painkiller ban.

But I'm kind of worried he might have fractured the ankle, especially since he had this weird reaction about an hour after it happened where he started shivering and just couldn't get warm, no matter how many blankets I piled around him. And this from the man who wears shorts and a singlet all autumn and half of winter.

So how do I get him to see a doctor?


New Kid on the Hallway said...

Drug him and sling him in the trunk of the car?? (That's what I'd have to do to LDH!)

shrinkykitten said...

I left you a long comment and then blogger shut down.

tell him the internet said to go to the doctor.

I fractured my ankle last year -- and they didn't do much but I got orders to stay off of it. I also got it wrapped (cuz insurance wouldn't cover a cast).

StyleyGeek said...

Your insurance really sucks, Shrinky!

I think part of Geekman's concern is that he only has crappy foreigner-as-second-class-citizen insurance which would cover a trip to A&E but no follow-up stuff like physio, medication, specialist visits, doctor's follow up visits, etc.

But as I (repeatedly) point out to him, if he DOESN'T go to A&E now, and then does need stuff like an x-ray etc in a couple of weeks' time, insurance won't pay ANYTHING, since it won't be an emergency any more.

shrinkykitten said...

Oh yeah, my insurance didn't cover any of that either. Still, I agree with you.