Friday, April 21, 2006

My day just got ten times better

A supermarket here has just started stocking Butterfinger bars and Reese's peanut butter cups. I don't think I have words to explain how happy this makes me. So I'll use pictures instead.

I have completely gone into neurotic hamster mode for fear that this might only be a short-term trial, and now whenever I open a drawer or cupboard in my office, chocolate bars lie there winking at me seductively. Even my filing cabinet is full of chocolate.

My wallet is empty, though, since they are charging $3 for a pack of two peanut butter cups and $2.80 for a Butterfinger bar, the profiteers.


Pink Cupcake said...

Enjoy! :)

shrinkykitten said...

Jeez oh pete! They are 50 cents - and sometimes 3 for a buck here. So apparently you need to move to the US for chocolate and booze on the cheap.

I love reeses -- not a fan of butterfinger. However, there is an ice cream place inthe US called "Dairy Queen" that makes these ice cream treats where they take ice cream and mix it with butterfinger bits. Heaven.

Lucy said...

peanut butter chocolates are the best thing about moving to the US. Reese's pieces/peanut butter m&m's are much better than the cups, though.

Katie said...

I adore Reese's peanut butter cups! Especially the minature ones!!!!!

StyleyGeek said...

It's not all chocolate that's expensive here, Shrinky -- at least I think all food is a little more expensive than in the US, but not by much. Most chocolate bars cost about $1.20 which is US 90 cents.

But I guess because these are exotic and imported, and this supermarket has cornered the market, they can get away with it.