Friday, April 07, 2006

I think someone's wife has given him a little mission

My supervisor is currently overseas. On my way out of the department tonight, I ran into her husband, also a researcher in our department. He planted himself awkwardly in my path.

"How's the, uh, thesis going?"
"Fine, thanks. I've just started a new chapter."
"Good, good. No nebulous family issues or anything interfering with your work?"
"Not that [supervisor] would have told me, if you had, uh, family issues, or anything. No, no. She's very discreet. Anyway. Work going well, then."
"Yes, thanks."
"No complicated theoretical problems you are wrestling with?" He rubs his hands in nervous anticipation.
"No, not right now."
"Because with [supervisor] away, I thought I should probably check up on you now and then. So if anyone asks, I checked up, okay?"


shrinkykitten said...

So totally bizarre! How did you feel about that interaction?

Lucy said...

surely you feel incredibly well supported and looked after, no? :)
I wonder what he would've done if you'd tried to discuss some nebulous family issue.