Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My fun-packed hour at the gym


Big imaginary kisses to the guy who rescued me when I found myself crushed under the benchpress barbell today. I was sure I could manage a 10th rep, but... obviously not. (But do you think you could maybe have helped me out first and pointed and laughed afterwards?)


A big imaginary kick in the bum to certain other guys who were present this morning.

When, in my two minute break between sets, I briefly move away from the assisted chin-up machine to spot the person on the benchpress right next to it, it is bad manners to take the machine (with my towel on it) without asking. It is equally bad manners to hover right in my face making pointed comments about people who walk away from their equipment while leaving their stuff there. If you want to share, then ask. I play nice.

That girl on the other side of the room who I haven't talked to once the whole time I was here? No, she isn't my friend, so I can't introduce you. Thanks for asking. Are any of the other guys working out here your friends? Because, like, they have a penis and you have a penis, so you must know each other, right?


I hope the gym staff don't get around to fixing the water fountain for a while yet. I can spend whole ten minuteses watching unsuspecting gym bunnies bend down to it, press the button and get a faceful of high-pressure water that then turns into an imperceptible trickle the minute they open their mouths to drink.

Hee hee.

Bad StyleyGeek. Bad.