Monday, April 24, 2006

This could probably have the same title as yesterday's post, actually

Unlike Twisty, I'm not going to set off on a photographic tour of my city's toilets. But I had to post this because it puzzles me so much.

This is one of the loos in the office where I work on Mondays. They are all identical. Each cubicle door has this "design" at the bottom.

At first I wondered whether it was a fanciful way of making your stay in the smallest room a freshly air-conditioned experience. Then I started to suspect it was so that blind people had something to read on the bog. But they would have to be bare-footed with long legs and flexible toes. Plus, it wouldn't be a very entertaining read, since as far as I can tell after googling braille charts, it says "I9".

My new theory was that that's the code for these toilets and the other ones in the building are labeled something different. Which would be very helpful if you were blind, bare-footed, flexible-toed and had a bad sense of direction. But when I checked, all the toilets on every floor have the same design.

So any suggestions for what it might be, or am I doomed to be puzzled forever?

Update: mystery solved, I think. But I'm not going to tell you the answer. Tee hee! I'll give you a hint, though: notice the direction the hinges on the door are facing. And if I'm right, some architect had a weird sense of humour or too much time on his/her hands.


Anonymous said...

Does it make some sort of whistling noise when the door is closed? We need answers!!

StyleyGeek said...

No whistling noises. All the information you need is in the photo.
I'll post an update on this one next Monday when I'm there again. A matching photo of the men's loos should confirm my suspicions.