Thursday, April 27, 2006

In which I make birthday resolutions

What does it say about me that every year the resolutions I make on my birthday are almost identical to the New Year's resolutions I made four months before?

This year I have the same stand-bys, except for the nail-biting, which I really seem to have successfully stopped. Four months without a nibble, which is a personal record!

The getting-up-at-seven thing is the main one I want to concentrate on. It's made more difficult by the fact that Geekman begs me every night not to set my alarm for seven, since it disturbs his beauty sleep to have me up and about while he's still trying to snooze. We've compromised, in that I still get up at seven (when I manage it), but I wait to have my shower and breakfast after eight. This has worked fine so far, but I think I'm a bit doomed now that the cold weather has begun. It's so hard to force yourself out of a warm bed if there's no hot shower to come.

I've also decided once again to go cold turkey on using the internet from my office at university. It worked for about two months last year, but I've been slack lately and my usage has crept up from "I've worked for an hour, now I'll reward myself with ten minutes of reading blogs and news" to "I've read blogs and news for an hour, I should probably do ten minutes of work."

So I'm going to ban myself from visiting any sites other than the university library and databases. I let myself check email, though, since that's sometimes important, and there's only so much time even I can spend compulsively clicking "refresh" on my mailbox. The rest of the internet will have to wait patiently from when I leave home in the morning until I get back at night. Poor lonely internet. Don't be sad that I'm not there.

Oh, and this also means that if you see me commenting on or visiting your blog multiple times in one day, you should give me a stern telling off because it probably isn't evening yet.

So, another year older; another year wiser(?!); another year hopeful I might actually achieve some of these goals I've set myself after all.

Happy Eggs to me!


Lucy said...

happy birthday! I hope you have a good day :)

enn said...

Happy birthday, StyleyGeek! I hope yoo have an awesome day an, as the International Boomerang club says, many happy returns.

StyleyGeek said...

Wow, she delurks :)

Thank you, enn!