Tuesday, April 11, 2006

While we're talking about yummy things

(like frozen peas, that is), I'd really love to meet the person who invented lemon curd (aka "lemon honey", "lemon butter", [insert your regional name for it here]).

I reckon they were probably eating lemon meringue pie one evening, and thought to themselves, "What I really like about this stuff is the filling. So why bother with the pie at all?"

And then after making a jar or two of the filling, this hypothetical person probably realised that if they claimed it was a spread for using on toast, they could legitimately eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, without anyone frowning disapprovingly and telling them to lay off the dessert.

And this is the sort of thinking I admire.

(Although I have to admit that after eating the two jars of lemon curd I made on Sunday already, the skin on the inside of my mouth is going all peely peely. Not a fun sensation. But I'm sure there's no connection. And even if there is, it's worth it.)


grace said...

I quite agree about the lemon honey. It freaks me out though that some people call it "lemon cheese"!

StyleyGeek said...

Yay! Another one who calls it lemon honey. I did until recently, but no one ever knew what I was talking about, so I switched to saying "lemon curd". My office mate says "lemon butter", but I had never heard of "lemon cheese" before. Eewww.

Do you think "lemon honey" is a NZ term for it? Possibly due to brainwashing by the Edmond's cookbook?