Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good words deserve new meanings

Geekman: "Did you get much work done today?"

Me: "I wrote another 1500 words, and I sorted all my notes into my new folders."

Geekman: "1500 words? That's like a whole day's work. You're very... auspicious."

Me: "Auspicious?"

Geekman: "It's such a good word. I don't think we should restrict ourselves to only using it in the right context."


luckybuzz said...

I'm all for making the good words multi-purpose. :)

Anastasia said...

I *love* the word auspicious. I did one of my comps on chinese religions and I used the word auspicious every place I possibly could. Red is an auspicious color. Bats are considered auspicious. A east-west roof line assures an auspicious future for the family.

Morton T Fogg said...

Geekman cracks me the hell up. My day has been brightened!

StyleyGeek said...

How come bats are auspicious, Anastasia?