Saturday, August 19, 2006

Search and rescue? You've found us. Now go away.

Our house is being vibrated by helicopters. They are flying around and around in circles. And being chased by cockatoos, who seem to have gone all territorial now that it's coming up to spring.

If you have never seen a cockatoo trying to attack a helicopter, you should come round to our place and have a good laugh.

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turtlebella said...

GO Cockatoos! I love it when (smaller) animals get all territorial and really seem to think they can actually scare off bigger-than-them things, like helicopters and humans in general. Used to happen when I scuba dived in Southern California and the male Garibaldis (kinda look like giant goldfish), who guard eggs, would chomp their jaws at me if I got too close. They were VERY serious! Cracked me up.