Friday, August 04, 2006

Up with the birds

I came in to university extra early today. As I sat down to work, though, I heard a noise from the pavement below my window: Clatter clatter clatter clatter! In fact, it was exactly like the sound of claws skittering over paving stones. Coming closer and closer.

So I opened my window and looked down.

It seems that someone was confused by my early arrival when he'd thought he would still have the place to himself.


trillwing said...

Love your bird posts! :)

Hey, do you know where I might find instructions on making collapsible categories like you have in your sidebar? I looked at the code, but I don't really understand it, 'cause I'm not geeky enough. :\

StyleyGeek said...

Hi Trillwing,

I do it by hand -- every week (theoretically) I go back through the posts and post the links into the sidebar. The code I use to expand and retract the categories is found here.

There are other, less time-consuming ways to do it too. A round up of them all is here.

shrinkykitten said...

Cute birdy! I simply can't get over the fact that these just roam free.

Sometimes when I come home after having been gone for just a coupe of hours or so, I feel like stinkerbelle is grouchy I've come home so soon, as she had hoped to have time to herself.

turtlebella said...

How sweet, that's a very endearing expression on its face. Do birds really have expressions??? It certainly seems like it!

Katie said...

So sweet. I so do wish I lived where you do so I could see such lovely birds! You are lucky!

StyleyGeek said...

I think parrots, at least, have expressions. It's probably more to do with the way they hold their heads, and what they do with their crests. But the cockatoos especially really have a personality.

trillwing said...

Thanks, styleygeek!