Monday, August 21, 2006

Yes, I walk around with my eyes closed. Why do you ask?

Despite having been at my current university for two years, I was completely unaware until today that this building existed.

I don't think I even realised that we had a school of medicine. I'm sure it's a very good one (although I suspect the architect may have been drunk) -- I've just never been over this side of campus before. And somehow didn't notice that this building dwarfs everything around it so entirely that you can see it from my side of campus.

The medical students even get a very upmarket (read: overpriced) café where they sell the same things you can get elsewhere on campus, but with fancier ingredients and at three times the cost. If you find yourself with a spare week's worth of lunch budget, however, I highly recommend the mediterranean-garlic-pinenut burger thing,* even to those of you who (like me) naively thought that spinach was not a vegetable that would benefit from deep-frying.


*Comes with the entire Mediterranean, lightly toasted in garlic and lovingly smothered with pine nuts. Or something.


Publius said...

That building is so hideous it could be an art building. Are they learning medicine in there, or building robots?

Rose said...





RageyOne said...

Oh my! What a building!

turtlebella said...

So, Blogger ate my comment or something. But I will be a dissenting voice and say: I kinda like the building. At least they are trying for something different. Course, if it's vastly out of the venacular with the rest of the university, that is a problem. Not knowing what the rest of the university looks like (aside from those funny restroom doors with holes that I never did figure out!), I will reserve judgment for now.

What I really want to know is how can I get the entire Mediterranean (just the sea or the whole region?) on my plate sometime soon???

Rebecca said...

I actually like this building very much, and I'm not usually too fond of stuff like this. Of course, I'm way too scared to stand too far under the overhanging parts in case it falls on my head but, overall, I like it a lot.

I see from the sign, though, that it's really medical research that they're doing in there. Which means various body parts and possible assorted Frankenstein type creatures. So I probably would satisfy myself with just admiring it from the outside...unless they have matching Jetsons type cool stuff inside, which would of course be a whole different story.

StyleyGeek said...

I kind of like it too. I like that although it's all made up of straight lines, it's really hard to find anything that's parallel with anything else.

It is COMPLETELY out of sync with the style of the rest of the uni, though, which is mostly square brick buildings. The libraries look a little more modern and fit in with this better, though.

Miss M. said...

Ahhh, but its got some awesome labs inside!

But, the medical school itself (42a) is almost as bad, they have this funky lounge inside for the MedSoc people where everyone has their own little pigeon hole and stuff. Considering the medical school can only have a maximum of 400 students at any one time, I think its a bit of overkill.

Miss M. said...

Oh, and I forgot to wax lyrical about how the dark panel things on the side have stylised versions of double helices embedded into them!

StyleyGeek said...

Aha, an insider. You can be our spy.

Pigeonholes? I want one!

Miss M. said...

Spy is it indeed , with the amount of time I spend there!

But I'm attempting to case the research school out as a potential PhD location, so I feel justified in snooping to a certain extent. The medical school I just end up in for seminars every so often.