Saturday, August 05, 2006


I have a favour to ask youse.

In case you haven't seen the website for the Carnival of GRADual Progress lately, I decided to hold the first carnival on 15th August. Now I don't have a problem with making the first one consist almost entirely of posts that I have stumbled across myself rather than actual submissions, but that does mean that I'll probably miss a lot of good stuff.

So it's actually two favours:

  1. If you come across any posts about grad student life during your browsing over the next week that you think are submission-worthy, please let me know (via one of the ways described on the Carnival website).
  2. A little publicity for the carnival on your own blogs (a post? a link to the carnival website in the sidebar?) would be most excellent, since you probably all have larger readerships than I do.
I have no doubt that it will get some momentum of its own after the first couple of rounds, but for now, the more publicity there is, the better reading will be coming your way on the 15th.

* Which is one of those words that, when you look at it all by itself, doesn't really look like a word at all and sends you running dictionarywards to check its spelling.

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Weekend_Viking said...

We've found our piccies of Cannon/PhD interaction, so as soon as we find a scanner, these will be appearing on the web.