Thursday, August 10, 2006

In other news

Because sometimes I like to explore my human English heritage, I'm going to talk about the weather.

I just looked at the daily temperatures for the last few months and you know what? On Tuesday we had both the coldest night this winter (-6 C, or 21 F) and the warmest day (18 C, 64 F).

What is with this country?


Propter Doc said...

Oh that confused me until I looked at the Location in your profile! We've just had one of the hottest days this summer! Nothing like a few extremes of temperature to bringout the English in you!

Weekend_Viking said...

To all intents and purposes, the bit of Australia we're living in classifies as 'Seasonally Arid', and almost up to 'Savannah-Desert'. So it doesn't really surprise me that it's capable of desert-like temperature swings like that.

StyleyGeek said...

WV -- doesn't ALL of Australia count as desert? :)

Weekend_Viking said...

Well, no - Tasmania doesn't, they're almost as bad as the West Coast of NZ. But most of the interior of the big bit beyond about 200km from the coast does. classify as desert in my book, excepting those bits far enough north to get the monsoon.

Miss M. said...

Did it seriously get that warm? I noticed the cold bit, sure.

Here was me thinking it was finally heating up again.