Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Progress through procrastination

I've wasted significant time online in the last couple of days searching for and installing some of the software suggested in the comments to this post at Bitch PhD. (The irony has not escaped me.)

You, on the other hand, can be grateful, since I am going to pass on the little sparkly gems of my hard-won wisdom (having cleaned the mud off first and polished them lovingly with a soft cloth), in order to save you from the drudgery of surfing around for yourself.

Most highly recommended are: the Invisibility Cloak plugin for Firefox, the method suggested here under (2) for banning particular sites, and the cunning use of Adblock to filter out your own personal time-wasting nemesiseseses.

I'm now using all three of these solutions, plus Temptation Blocker to disable Internet Explorer entirely (I use Firefox for all my work-related internet use). While each of these programs is easy enough to disable independently, switching them all off is a little too much effort to go to unless I'm really, really desperate.

No, don't thank me. I'll just get all shy.