Sunday, August 13, 2006

Old people are Not Like Us

At a reading group on Friday that I am no longer going to be specific about* (as Googling for this topic seems to have been the way several people I know have found this blog), it was suddenly brought home to me that I don't represent the average demographics of the group.

Someone was soliciting annual fee payments for an organisation that some members of the group belong to, and it was suggested that everyone pay in advance for the next four years, since this apparently makes it easier for the organisation. Now, as you might expect, there was huge objection to this, but it wasn't for any reason I would have predicted.

Because it would put a financial strain on people's budgets?
Because they weren't sure they would want to stay members for the next four years?
Not quite.

But I think a request for clarification that came from one of the members gives an indication of the problem:

"Will any money left over be paid to my estate?"


* But if you care, I've posted about it here and here.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes - we get lovely jobs like "what if I don't live long enough to use all of my membership fee" - most recently "if I die beofre I finish putting the kids through some horribly expensive private school" - there's an insurance component built into the fees, so they won't kick you out just because your parents died (in reality it is as much a social/marketing cost, but that's what makes insurance interesting sometimes.

I'm guessing that the gender mix (see referenced March post) and the age profile are not independent. The same thing could be said for my grandmother's bridge circles