Friday, August 11, 2006

My friends now despise me and it's all Shrinky's fault

Since the only one of the commentators to my post about Mission Impossible III who claimed to have seen it said it didn't suck,* I went.

And was pleasantly surprised.

Sure, Tom Cruise doesn't do anything for me, but the action was actiony, there were enough explosions to keep Geekman happy, the plot had enough twists to keep it interesting, and the dialogue even had some clever moments.

Standing around afterwards with friends, and hoping to score some sort of celeb-watching cred, I plagiarised quoted Shrinky's comment about Tom Cruise's partner in the film looking like Katie Holmes.

All of them, without exception, replied, "Who's Katie Holmes?"

* Hey, syntactic processing memory, you can suck my complex sentence! (See, I could write action movie dialogue, too.)

1 Comment:

shrinkykitten said...

Hey - just be glad I didn't go on a scientology rant or talk about how we are now on day 145 and still no Suri Cruise Holmes??? Craziness I tell you. And had you ranted about these - you would be guilty by association.